1. The first step is to fill out the Contact Us Form.
  2. A Meet and Greet will be scheduled with the supervisor or Meet and Greet representative.
  3. After the Meet and Greet, you will receive an email with your log in information and you can schedule for as early as the following day.

Each client is asked to log in using either our online scheduling system or mobile app to schedule appointments by 7 pm to be on the schedule for the following day.

For existing clients, you simply schedule by clicking the “Schedule Now” tab on PhillyFitDog.com which will redirect you to Petchecktechnology.com and then you enter your log in information. Or you can schedule by downloading the Pet Check Technology mobile app for pet owners and entering you log in information.

No. You can schedule as little or as much as you would like.

Here is a map of our service area (Map Coming Soon)

To minimize the chance of misplaced, lost or stolen keys we operate with a “lock box system”. We require that 2 (two) sets of working keys be put into your lock box and your lock box will be attached to your house/apartment or where you specify. You will purchase a lock box at a reduced rate from Philly Fit Dog, LLC for 12 dollars, buy one on your own or use a lock box that you already have. If you chose to purchase a box from Philly fit Dog, LLC the cost will be added onto the cost of the first meeting. The function of the lock box is your responsibility. So please check to make sure it is in working order periodically (especially in the winter) so we can get inside to care for your pet. If we cannot get inside of your home due to a lock box not working properly, we will notify you immediately.

When scheduling an appointment, is it an exact time a walker/runner will arrive or a window or time?

All walkers/runners will arrive within a 2 hour window the surrounds the time that you have scheduled. For example if you schedule a walk for 3 pm the window in which a walker will arrive is between 2 pm- 4 pm.

All clients are charged for their COMPLETED services from the previous week each Monday. You enter your credit card information into your profile on Petchecktechology.com. This is a secure and safe site for payment.

We will always do our best to accommodate any last minute requests. But we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so. If you schedule by 7 pm, you will be on the schedule for the following day. If you schedule after 7 pm, we will do our best to help out. Please email us at Info@PhillyFitDog.com to inquire about any last minute visits.

In order to adjust or cancel any scheduled appointments, you must email us at info@PhillyFitDog.com TWO hours before the start of your time window. You cannot cancel or adjust anything through Pet Check on your own.

We will do our best to get to your house in any weather to care for your pet. But we reserve the right that this may be impossible and out of our control to make it to your house if the weather does not allow us to. Furthermore, we reserve the right to be late due to the weather conditions but we will do our best to make it everywhere on time. If in the event of inclement weather, Philly Fit Dog, LLC has requested on your Client Profile the name and phone number of a person living nearby (emergency contact). If we are physically unable to reach your home due to impassable roads, please provide us with this information so that we can contact this person to request assistance. Your pets’ health and well-being is our utmost concern and we will contact you as soon as possible to keep you informed of these events

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