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8 Jan, 2018

The Best Dog Runners in the Country

The Best Dog Runners in the Country Philly Fit Dog: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Earning 5-star Yelp reviews from dog lovers throughout Philly, Philly Fit Dog ranks high for dog running, walking, and pet-sitting alike. Owner Whitney Wells and her 17-person crew make safety and convenience a priority with their Pet Check Technology. The system assigns your dog a personalized scannable QR […]

Dog Running
25 May, 2017

Philadelphia Magazine Dog Running Services

High-tech Personal Trainer (Dog Running Services) Would you describe your dog as “energetic” and maybe also “a handful”? Philly Fit Dog provides both exercise and an outlet for your pup’s, ahem, excess enthusiasm, coming to your home and running with your dog for 20-, 30- or 45-minute sessions. Bonus: Via “Pet Check Technology,” you’re notified […]

7 May, 2012

The Paw Report

Pet news from around the world! IN THE NEWS…. Monday September 14, 2020 Ancient New Guinea “singing dog” re-discovered after 50 years! Why do dogs have wet noses? Monday September 7 2020 3 recent discoveries have upended scientists’ understanding of how dogs age, navigate, and perceive human speech Busch releases dog beer for man’s best […]